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Lean Launch - PilmerPR

Start your 90 days to success

When starting a business, efficiency is key. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, without having to look over their web developer, SEO service, ad agency, media monitoring service, a handful of social media services, and a PR firm.

PilmerPR now combines all those services in an affordable, comprehensive package, managed by a trusted team from a variety of fields. We cut out the “fat” of multiple overhead costs, and put the services on one bill that meets your lean budget.

Seamlessly merge your marketing efforts into the sales funnel

With PilmerPR’s Lean Launch PR and Marketing service, new companies get the following with a single point-of-contact:

  • Fortune 100 Senior Level PR/Marketing Coaching
  • Messaging Foundation
  • Media Relations [print, broadcast, web]
  • Social Media & Blog Strategy that Works
  • Video Strategy that Drive Web Traffic—On a Budget!
  • SEO Press Releases that Get Noticed
  • Conversion Rate Optimized (CRO) Web Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Online Ad Strategies

Contact us today for a free Lean Launch PR and Marketing consultation and start your "90-days to success."