Fox41 - GoodOil Green Fuel

GoodOil’s Marty Hanka and his wife Dru Pilmer had the honor of transporting Ed Begley Jr. to Hanover College on November 13th where he was invited to speak at their Global Climate Change series (other speakers in the series include Richard Leakey, Jean Michael Cousteau, and Jane Goodall).

Mr. Begley is an Emmy nominated actor, and a long-time environmentalist, currently starring in the environmental reality show “Living with Ed” with his wife Rachelle Carson (Sunday nights on HGTV).

On the return trip they stopped at the Legacy Lofts carbon-neutral condominium project in Louisville. Click the link below for a video clip to see what Ed had to say about the project and Legacy’s nine company vehicles converted by GoodOil to use waste vegetable oil as fuel:

Click here: Fox41archives Clip Preview

To get more information about GoodOil vegetable fueled vehicles, please contact us at or call 502-426-5376.

Click here to get more information about the Legacy Homes vehicles and condo project: